VIP City & Botanical Gardens Adventure

If you like plants and long walks along colorful landscapes, then this is the perfect tour for you. Get away from the crowded beach (and city), and enjoy being surrounded by a lush vegetation.

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens has assembled botanical collections in a safe environment with viewing trails and have already built the most-visited public collection of orchids in the country of Mexico. Our guide will help you find the perfect trail for you to follow, and learn about the different plants. Learn to distinguish main plant families, and visit the different buildings dedicated to specific flora.

You will not want to miss the Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants, where you’ll be able to observe a wide variety of orchids, including one of Mexico’s most known orchid: Vanilla. Visit the Holstein Tropical Plants, honoring many Mexican endemic plants. Look for the Tillandsia house and learn about epiphytes – they normally grow without soil while attached to other plants. Then, why not make a stop at the Rhododendron exhibit, plants that are characterized by being shrubs and small to medium size trees.

Do you like dessert plants? Then you must definitely visit the Cacti and Succulent plant area, where you’ll see plants that show adaptations to conserve water, in those arid lands (i.e. loosing true leaves). Also on sight, agave plants, which you are most likely familiar with, thanks to some very Mexican beverages: Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla, Sotol, Pulque and others….

Is it getting to hot? Well you might as well bring your swimming suit and dip into the clear (cold) waters of the Horcones River. Or else, sitting down and hear the different birds chant, even better go to the restaurant Hacienda de Oro, that provides the perfect setting to enjoy the breeze, with a beautiful view, while having a great lunch.

During the city excursion we’ll show you where to look to find traces of the city when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 1500’s and walked through this small fishing village, when sailors, curious explorers, and pirates used the Banderas Bay as a stop on long sea voyages or a place to rest and hide out. You’ll enjoy a company of a professional local Certified Guide who will share with you fascinating legends, remarkable history, vibrant culture, rich traditions, unique arts and discover all hidden gems of Puerto Vallarta, on every corner you will uncover more and more… You will encounter an unforgettable experience while taking the most spectacular photos.

At the conclusion of the tour, for lunch we’ll make your taste-buds dance, we’ll take you to the local’s favorite restaurant where everything is prepared with lots of love and passion for a scrumptious traditional Mexican comfort food fare.

Duration: 7 hours

Departure time: 9:00am

Cost: Adult: $1,700.00 mxn / Minor (4 a 12 years old): $1,700.00 mxn / Child (0 a 3 years old): $400.00 mxn.

Included: transportation / certified tour guide (bilingual)/ Bottled water

Not included: personal expenses, lunch/ entrance fee

Note: We highly recommend the use of eco friendly bug repellent, good walking shoes and long pants and long-sleeves shirts. Accessible parts of the Vallarta Botanical Garden to wheelchairs are limited. Pets are welcome when kept on leash, and wastes picked up (extra fee).

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